It is in 1969 that the Avakian brand was established. At that time, the young Edmond Avakian, was traveling and studying abroad. With a civil engineering degree, an MBA in finance from the University of California, Berkley as well as advanced training in Gemology at the Gemological Institute of America, the portrait of this young man was already that of brilliant, motivated and determined businessman that he was to become.

Ambitious with an iron will, he joined the family business in 1976 with precise objectives: to develop and expand the business in order to become the exclusive distributor for leading European watchmakers. At the same time, he created a jewellery workshop and within 6 months had founded his calling: to make a career out of his passion for precious stones. He would be a Jeweler.

In 1985, Avakian opened its first boutique in the capital of jewellery and watchmaking, Geneva. This was followed a few years later by new boutiques in London, Moscow, Beverly Hills and New York. The expansion of the Avakian group has continued, with projects for opening of new boutiques throughout the world.

Always on the move, Edmond Avakian remains, nevertheless, very attached to Switzerland where he has set up his company's headquarters. As an enthusiastic ambassador, he travels all over the world, establishing and developing over the years a solid reputation among a loyal and longstanding clientele, as well as international high society. His unique collections have won over many stars including Catherine Deneuve, Ursula Andress, Ivana Trump and Madonna but also royalty and influential businessmen across the globe.

Edmond Avakian owes his success to the combination of a strong personality, creative talent and keen business acumen, which he is proud to share with his wife, Taline, and his children, Corinne and Haig, who have now joined the family business.