Alexander Tenzo started his company in 1996 while in his mid 20's, as a dealer of loose gems. He is a resident of Saint-Petersburg, Russia, and the gems so prized by his culture and the culture of Imperial Russia, lesser known in the West, are what he fell in love with... the multitude of spinel colors, chrysoberyl, gem green garnets and the like.

An interest in mining led to proprietary interests in multiple mines, giving Alexander an edge as a dealer. He soon realized that he had to also manage the cutting of the rough material into gemstones to satisfy his unerring eye.

Alexander was a supplier of these special stones to important jewelers around the world. The next step was the quest to see these stones in pieces of jewelry as imagined by Alexander.

Tenzo now employs close to 100 people in various parts of the world; mining, cutting, using metalsmithing techniques particular to St. Petersburg, Moscow, Paris, Switzerland and Bangkok. It is quite rare to find a privately held high jewelry house with such vertical integration, all overseen by one man.

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