QAYTEN is the realisation of a team in Bologna. It lives to create amazing work by fusing the finest Italian aesthetics and technical mastery for ever wearable contemporary jewellery, defined by reverence in the traditional values of beauty, distinction and pride.

Jewels made more Exceptional… Meaningful… Tantalising. Through a Ceaseless Quest To Simply Enrapture.

QAYTEN explores these extremes, and answers by pushing the frontiers with jewellery of a new consciousness.

Ever wearable, QAYTEN’s jewels blend masterly techniques with technological intrigue — classics now and for the future. QAYTEN designs with the intention to uncover new dimensions in the fascina- tion of jewellery.

Each piece honours the past, even as it embodies the cutting-edge insights of the present. And every design acknowledges the future the jewel will travel into with its owner.

It is a journey of creative and technical ingenuity in the science of seductive jewellery, to broach new benchmarks in taking jewellery beyond trends and time. Tomorrow’s classics, from QAYTEN — Luxury’s new name in jewellery.



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