Master Exclusive

The history of Master Exclusive Jewellery House dates back to 1994. Since then, the highly skilled goldsmiths who learned all the ins and outs of the goldsmithing have been creating exclusive custom handcrafted jewelry. Each piece of jewelry comes into being as a culmination of the concerted efforts of designers, casters, goldsmiths, gem-setters, lapidaries and polishers. The latest techniques and state-of-the-art technologies opened the floodgates to experiments and contributed to the creation of unique masterpieces.

A major source of inspiration to our designers has always been amazingly diverse and unique Nature, in its broadest sense. The variety of materials and our designers' creative imagination make it possible to originate unique and distinctive collections: exotic flower petals unfold in a starry burst of vivid colorstones; sweet natural fragrance of fruits and berries seems to congeal in the glaring gemstone facets; mysterious and enigmatic scaly dwellers of the impenetrable depths of the ocean radiate iridescent light and spectacular satiny plumage of tropical birds sparkle and glitter in diamonds.

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