Lorenz Baumer

He was born in the United States in 1965 and grew up in one country after another following the missions of my German diplomat father and French mother. Because of this globetrotting childhood, he was able to discover the diversity in the world that would later influence my entire artistic career. He has always had a fascination for creativity in all its forms and, combined with his passion for precious gemstones, this led him to his life’s work.

After his engineering studies at the Ecole Centrale in Paris, he opened his first showrooms in 1989, at 23 rue Royale to sell fashion costume jewelry that he designed. Six years later, he moved the office to 4 Place Vendôme, and little by little discontinued making costume jewelry. By 1992, he was devoting all his time to making fine jewelry. The creation of the “Ecume de Diamants” tiara for the marriage of SAS Prince Albert of Monaco to Charlène Whittstock in 2010 was a major moment in his career, made even more so because he was chosen from an anonymous competition in which some of the most prominent brands in fine jewelry were competing. In 2013, he opened his boutique at 19 Place Vendôme, next to the Ritz.

He loves architecture, combined with poetry. The geometric forms and pure lines offer his creations a resolutely contemporary dimension. But even beyond this obvious modernity, he wants to give them a soul and authenticity. Each jewel carries a message and has a hidden meaning. He doesn’t follow the classic codes of fine jewelry but prefer to set my creations apart by innovation, passion, and creativity.

He also enjoys being the head of company, and the person who transmits his savoir-faire and his passions to his team.

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