Carrera y Carrera

In 1885 Saturio Esteban Carrera moved from Alcalá de Henares to Madrid and opened a small jewelry workshop in the area known as Barrio de las Letras. His son, José Esteban Carrera, after completing his lapidary studies in Paris in 1920, continued the jewelry tradition in Madrid, which in turn was carried on by his 4 nephews: José, Saturio, Pedro, and Andrés. In the 1970s, Saturio’s great-grandsons Manuel Carrera and Juan José Carrera created the brand; the company has had several owners since then.

In 1960, the company received the commission to make the wedding tiara of Queen Fabiola of Belgium for her royal wedding with King Baudouin of Belgium; after this achievement, the brand was positioned as one of the most recognizable luxury brands internationally. In 1979, Carrera y Carrera expanded to the United States, in 1994 to Russia, and in 2013 it opened its first boutique in China. In 1989, Queen Sofía of Spain was patroness of the presentation in the Royal Palace of Madrid of the sculptural piece “The Ark of Discovery of the Fifth Centennial” that later was exhibited in Madrid’s City Hall. In 1992, the company’s new facilities opened in San Agustín del Guadalix. In 2000, Miriam of Hungary, princess of Turnovo, joined the design team, and in 2013, Manuel Carrera, founder of the brand, once again created collections.

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