Alexandre Reza

Reza’s story began in Moscow where its founder Alexandre Reza was born in 1922 into a family of jewelers. The family soon moved to France and settled in Nice. In the colorful French Riviera of the 1930s Alexandre first discovered his lifelong passion for precious gemstones and learned the art of trading from his father in his shop on rue de France.  

After the war, Alexandre moved to Paris where he very soon became renowned for his flawless ability to source the most exceptional gemstones in the world; able to envision a stone beyond its initial appearance. His knowledge and collection grew only stronger as modern travel allowed him to acquire the finest gemstones right at the source in Colombia, India, Burma, Thailand, Sri Lanka and other important mining and trading centers. 

His expertise as a gem connoisseur jointly with the impressive collection he had amassed allowed him to establish himself, by the 1950s, as the primary provider of precious stones for some of the most prestigious jewelers then on Place Vendôme. In addition, he began to produce original high jewelry pieces for international jewelry houses and private clients. Many of Reza’s exquisitely crafted jewels would take years to complete, marked by his infallible commitment to finding the right design and gemstone to achieve perfection.

His son Olivier is today continuing the tradition with the same focus and dedication to quality, in our exclusive salons at 21 Place Vendôme and the iconic Ritz Palace.

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