Alexander Arne

The house of Alexander Arne has been in fine jewellery since the late 19th century when a workshop owned by a St. Petersburg jeweller named Victor Arne first established close links with the famous Carl Faberge. Back in 1880, Arne started with a series of exquisite enamel pieces made exclusively for their renowned partner.

Alexander Arne sees bringing Russian jeweller traditions back to life, as well as giving them a new life in a modern world, as one of its greatest tasks today.

Arne jewellers use both traditional (hot) and innovative (light-cured) enamel techniques, experimenting with transformer jewellery, taking part in a variety of projects from making customized fine jewellery pieces and gifts to designing magnificent family jewellery sets.

The jewellery house of Alexander Arne is a unique creative workshop trying to coin a completely new language of jewellery. Our partners are the most gifted Russian artists, jewellers and enamellers. 

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